What do boobies feel like and what does crucify mean?

That was the first question of the day today as I tried to wake up standing under the shower. My eldest daughter is 6 and she has a lot of questions to ask. Good question and I couldn’t really answer it. I’m not well endowed in the “Boobies” department but my daughters regularly make my day by referring to my 34a as “big boobies”!

As for the crucify question I told a big lie and said I didn’t know. The Easter story has been told at school this week and I am not sure what she thinks now. At this young age I think they should be spared the gory details. She was asked to make an Easter Garden for school. I willingly went into the garden to help her collect grass and moss to line a small box. I then hoped she’d make fluffy bunnies and pretty patterned eggs but instead she drew Jesus on a cross with an “ouchy thing on his head”, blood running down his body and nails through his hands onto the cross! I dutifully sent it into school and we are yet to receive feedback from the teachers. She hasn’t woken me up at night with any nightmares but we’re expecting it any night now!

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