A few hours of calm

With one daughter at school and the other at preschool, I have managed to snatch a few precious hours to myself. I grasp them willingly after another grey dreary weekend stuck in the house. We are creating an amazing outside space for the girls to play in over the summer months. Well, when I say we I mean my husband! He is very practical and can make anything out of nothing and is a big kid at heart so this project is his. The deal is that he gets on with the work and I keep the girls out of his way so he can get it all done.

So, at the weekend he managed to build a full size tipi. It looks amazing and the girls love it. I fear slightly that Daddy may take over the tipi as his own. It was bought for the girls instead of a wooden play house. We hope they will have many an adventure together and with their friends.

Meanwhile, my weekend consisted of cleaning the floor, making clay animals and Easter decorations, cleaning the floor, cooking, cleaning the floor, breaking up arguments over the TV remote and cleaning the floor.

So today I feel a slight sense of achievement for managing to do three hours of weeding in the garden and  finally working out how to set up a blog so I can write down our exploits.

My time is up and I am now off for the school run and ballet classes.

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